The Boys 


Andrew is the man in front of the screen, he kicks butt in all video games and computer games. He is a excellent student in the classroom always on top of his school work and very friendly. He always treats his classmates with respect and we are so proud of him for that. Andrew is a very curious individual he wants to know everything you are talking about and if he doesn’t he will gently tap you and quietly tell you he has something to ask you.


Alexander is the risk taker out of the boys always being a daredevil. He’s never had a broken bone ever but a few stitches here and there from his roughing around. If it has wheels he’s on it and he’s not taking it easy, he loves jumping his bike, climbing, racing, getting in the dirt and coming back a mess, he is all boy. Alexander loves cell phones and he will ask if he can see yours, fake or real he always plays with them he even has a little belt clip where he clips his phone and thinks he’s the coolest.


Tanner is the story teller of the boys. Tanner’s imagination is always running it can be a story about something that really happened or one that is full of creativeness and adventure produced by his imagination. Sometimes he’ll tell you a story then joke with you and tell you that really didn’t happen “I was just pulling your leg.” Tanner is the baby of the family and you can tell, he’s the hugger, the cuddler and always wants moms attention. Tanner really looks up to his siblings and is always keeping up with them with whatever it is they are doing.

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